Stand United with the Transgender Community

27 Jul

The 420 Rally has historically stood with pride beside the LGBTQ community.  When honor the spirit of 420, we connect with the spirit of Revolution, to inspire the oppressed to throw off the shackles that have chaffed so badly at our wrists and set our ankles afire.

This week, Trump announced that he would ban transgender Americans from military service.  While he claimed to have spoken with his Generals, it has become clear that this is not the case.  And while he stated that cost was the issue, it seems that his hard-on for oppression is only challenged by servicepeople’s need to keep more than their backs stiff.

We commend the outrage that is rising from many members of Congress and supportive communities around the country.   However, the speed with which Trump has thrown transgender service-people under the bus should alarm everyone who is or has ties to oppressed communities across the country.

Our duty to the transgender community, as humans who have a right to free sexual expression, is at the forefront of our hearts and supersedes our critique of how our country misuses and abuses its military power.  At times like these, when bigotry rears its head directly and clearly, we must stand united and clearly against oppression of the human spirit.

Take time, particularly this week, to connect with your transgender and other LGBTQ friends and family.  There is real hatred coming from the darkest pockets of our country.  Now more than ever they need our support, our understanding, and our voices!